Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Uncommonly beautiful critters and cute...

I haven't posted in a while of late again, I had a super busy weekend of seldom seen friends, a surprise party (not for me but for another's birthday!) and sunshine and it has taken me a little while to catch up!

I have been adding new things to the store from two new designers! First up we have the very sweet creations of illustrator Gemma Correll, who has sent us a menagerie of little hand made plush monsters, brooches and badge packs.

I love their smiley faces and the DIY packaging! Shop all of Gemma's items by clicking just HERE!! and you can also visit Gemma's personal site HERE if you wish, for a perusal of some of her brilliant drawings and creations...

So also in the store we have some amazing new jewellery in from Kirsty Kirkpatrick who makes her eco friendly jewellery under the label 'Uncommonly Beautiful Recycled Accessories'. The striking pieces make use of waste furniture, broken clocks and jewellery and scrap leather from suitcases and the upholstery industry and they are as unique and unusual as all of the elements fused to create them.

The bold shapes and the mixture of different chains in Kirsty's jewellery is very refreshing and the pieces would look hip n cool whether worn as part of a party outfit in the evening or for dressing up jeans and a tee during the day...

See and shop all of Kirsty's wonderful jewellery HERE!!


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