Thursday, 5 June 2008

A Skin, A Night.

I had the loveliest surprise in the post yesterday! My lovely Mark had ordered me A Skin, A Night which is a film by Vincent Moon about one of my favorite bands The National!! I have been waiting for it's release for AGES after watching snippets of it on the internet about this time last year when the band released their album Boxer.

It came with an EP called the Virginia EP which is full of previously unreleased and live material and has a great live version of About Today, the song that made me fall head over heels for their sound.

I haven't watched the film yet as The Apprentice was on last night and I'm a bit addicted to the ball breaking back stabbers, but I will report back when I have seen it...I found this excerpt from the Metro website which makes A Skin, A Night sound rather good!!

Released as a double disc set with their new Virginia EP, A Skin, A Night sees the autumnal Brooklyn indie rockers collaborate with French director Vincent Moon for an evocative film far removed from the conventional rockumentary.

Recorded in the wake of the band's 2005 breakthrough album, Alligator, we're given a keyhole view of the protracted birth pangs of the follow-up, Boxer.

Moon's film challenges the viewer with dreamy, impressionistic techniques that are often revealing, such as his soundless concert footage focusing on the response of fans.

Just as his cryptic style suits this characteristically subtle band, Moon's flickering shots of New York – mostly shot in the similarly stark monochrome of the band's artwork – resonate with the lyrical imagery of frontman Matt Berninger.

This is really a film about the collective creative process and a band at a crossroads between underground obscurity and mainstream embrace. [Nadine McBay -]

Lookie here: It's such a beautifully sad song, I love it when the intro finishes and the guitar melody really starts...

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