Friday, 20 June 2008

Mushrooms and jewels

I had a delivery yesterday of lovely squishy cushions from Custom Made. The Lil' Matryoshka Cushions are now re-stocked, and brand new to the store we have these adorable Mushie Cushies!! They have the sweetest print of smiling mushrooms and are available in blue or pink...See them HERE!

I nearly have my new jewellery ready to go in the Emporium too. Just a few tweaks and touches here and there and it will be in store tomorrow...yay!

Here's another peek: Lockets and bauble balloons galore!

I'm off dressage training this afternoon as I have a competition on Sunday...I was getting quite used to the sunshine and now it has gone and been replaced by a horrible miserable grey day. I think I may get quite a soaking later on...Waterproofs at the ready!!

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