Friday, 13 June 2008

Compare and contrast

This week has turned out to be a much fun week indeed!

After the loveliness of the sparkling beach on Monday evening, myself and a few good buddies headed down to Penryn's Miss Peapods (A wonderful windmilled eco building over looking the harbour...) to go and see a weirdo psychedelic band called Sunburned Hand of the Man. I have seen them there once before and have to say that I enjoyed their previous performance much more. It's not entirely my cup of tea but their crazy antics were still very entertaining when they covered all their equipment in tin foil and started waving polystyrene heads about on big sticks! They were supported by a local Cornish band called Rosemarie Band who I actually enjoyed a lot more. I neglected to pick up their EP (slap wrists Lee May!) and was hoping to find some of their music on Myspace, but while they have a profile they have no tunes on there as yet. You can find it HERE and I am hoping it will be well worth a bookmark for a listen when they do get some material on there...

Then yesterday I took most of the day off work for some horsin' around in the morning and then an afternoon with my wonderful friend Miss Natalie who I haven't seen in AGES!!

It's not all been play however as I have been making stuff (which actually is play really, but don't tell anyone...!) and I have added the fabulous work of two brand new designers to the store: Design by Kanena and Pippin Designs! The work of these two artists really couldn't be more different and they have reminded me of the wide and diverse range of items that are now stocked in the emporium!

Californian Kanena Peters (who operates under the name of Design by Kanena) makes such beautiful jewellery. She fuses a wonderful array of Swarovski crystals, glass beads, gemstones and shell to create the earthy and unusual pieces.

The Abalone shell of the Amazon Babe Necklace has got the most beautiful shimmering colours. You can see this piece and more of Kanena Peters jewellery just HERE!

So the other designer added to the Emporium is Pippin Designs!! Rachel Young is the creator of these super felt plush brooches, which come in an array of cute n crazy designs ranging from pretty flowers, peas in a pod, fruity bits n pieces, cupcakes and teacups and a wonderful big breakfast complete with bacon, egg, sausage and beans!!

See and shop these cheerful accessories JUST HERE!

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Pippin Designs said...

Wheeeee! Thanks!! They look so good in the shop! xx