Thursday, 5 June 2008

Time for tea...

Tea lovers and friends of tea lovers (that's me, I don't like tea...) rejoice! I have just added some greetings cards to the store that have a sweet tea break theme. They are made by I Like Pens aka illustrator Kate Seaward and feature her drawings of fine china, little birds and swirly floral patterns...Perfect as thank you cards or for arranging your next tea hook up!

As well as her tea cups and birds we also have some super sweet mini cards in the store now too. They are a great way to say a quick and thoughtful hello, much better than Facebook or a text methinks. My favorite is the "Marvin say's 'Hello' card" which has a little dog speaking a speech bubble of hello and there is a gap underneath so that you can write the name of the person you want to say hello to...Yay for greetings!!

See and shop all of Kate's cards in the Bonbi Forest indie Emporium HERE!

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