Saturday, 21 June 2008

Jewellery up!

Well I did get a complete soaking at my dressage training yesterday, I haven't been that drenched in a long time!! I was so wet I had fingers that looked like I had been in the bath too long even though I was wearing gloves, and I forgot to roll my hood up and it got filled with water and slapped and sloshed against my back as I rode around... My poor Lauder horse was pretty sodden too, though he soon cheered up when I took him back to the horsebox and gave him some sugar lumps and a nice big net full of hay!

Today has been very miserable and grey too (so much for the longest day of the year, the clouds are so dense it will be dark very early!), so I have been sat in the warm and finally added all of my new jewellery to the store...hurrah!

I have made a selection of lovely lockets, mismatched earrings, sparkles, shapes and colours and you can see and shop all them all HERE!!

Tomorrow I am off to a dressage competition for the day, wish me luck (and fingers crossed for good weather)!!

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