Friday, 30 May 2008

Grand Salvo

Ahh! My musical heart is all a'flutter again as I have been listening to a wonderful album called "Death" by Grand Salvo, the work of Australian singer Paddy Mann.

Now I know the title "Death" doesn't sound very wonderful, but the album is a story that focuses on a bird, a rabbit, a man, a rat and a bear whose lives are intertwined throughout the album to create a kind of magical fairytale. The instrumental arrangements are evocative of life in a forest like landscape as the year moves slowly forth with beautiful string, piano and guitar arrangements (makes me think of Lewis and Clarke), harmonised vocals and poetic narration detailing the loves, losses and hope of the creatures as they come across each other and cope with remorseless mother nature.

The artwork in the album is so pretty too! I love the paper cutouts and the strange little twists...

Visit the Grand Salvo Myspace HERE to listen....or go to their website HERE to see more artwork and lyrics and find out about where you can get the album. I don't know if it released over here yet as I was sent it by my friend Eeebeejeebee (who also goes by the name Ian) who lives in Melbourne, but you may be able to get it on import...

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