Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Clocks and sad cats

The sunshine shone today, hurrah! After the washout that was yesterday it was a welcome warmth. It was so horrible and blowy yesterday it seemed like twilight at 3.30pm and we had debris and branches down all over the place. Horrible.

Look at my new studio clock! It was a wonderful birthday present from Mark and is perfect for the high back wall of the studio with it's big face and lots of colours. I love the hot pink clover shaped pendulum.

I have wanted a clock for the studio for ages and was going to get a dull one from Viking, which is why I'm so pleased with this one. It's a much more pleasant thing to look at and I won't be searching around the studio for my phone and it's tiny dark digital timepiece anymore, yay!!

We had an almost cat catastrophe today! I was inside and heard the tiny thundering of cat paws galloping franticly past the window and looked out to see Clifford cat darting past, then I heard more tiny thundering cat paws and looked out again expecting to see Lou Lou cat (things often frighten them and they come running for shelter) but instead saw a scrawny black feline in hot pursuit of poor Cliff!

We live in a very remote place and there are lots of wild cat families living in the hedges (in fact that is where Clifford and Lou Lou came from but that is another story which I will save for a rainy day...), and I think there must be a younger male trying to muscle in on Clifford's territory. Anyway I ran out after them and found the black cat at the bottom of the garden and Cliff mewing high up in a tree, the poor little thing wouldn't come down until I had chased off his pursuer. When he finally came down he went all floppy and sat on the sofa.

He has a black faux leather studded collar which is meant to make him look tough but it obviously doesn't work, hehe!

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