Friday, 16 May 2008

Apples, acorns and plenty of chirrups

I managed to get the little birds in the store yesterday but I didn't have time to post, so: Ta daa! They have settled in the eaves of the Emporium and are ready to fly to new and loving homes.

They are created by our newest artist Zosienka Coombes and are painted in the tiniest delicate detail. You can see more of her wonderful creations on her blog which is filled with drawings and paintings and snippets of animations and other projects. Have a peek HERE!

You can choose from a wonderful selection of the lovely birds including Redstarts, Songbirds, Warblers and Piptits and they are great as decorations and gifts either on their own or grouped together in little aviaries of 2 or 3...or 4...or 5... Deciding which ones you want will be the hardest part, they are all so sweet!!

On notes of sweetness (as most things Bonbi related are!) we also have another brand new designer in the store today, Gugaw!!

Gugaw jewellery is the creation of miss Claire McAlpine who uses beautiful semi-precious stones and sterling silver to make her delicate pieces and I am pleased to welcome them to The Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium. We have a selection of nature inspired pieces with apples and acorns and more little tweeting birds alongside faceted and shimmering stones galore. It's pretty stuff and you can see and shop all our Gugaw pieces RIGHT HERE!!

This afternoon I will be adding even more lovely items too (I said it was going to be a busy new item week!) from Cat and Bang and Emma Ferguson and over the weekend we will have some super bright colour tees for guys, girls and the little 'uns from Pinecone and Chickadee too. Toot!


Amy said...

Ooooh I love the Zosienka Coombes birds, they're lovely!

Lee May Foster said...

Hey Amy, they're so great aren't they? She's a talented lady!