Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Heart Balloons!!

I have finally managed to get my newest Bonbi Forest tee for sale in the Emporium... Welcome the Heart Balloon tee!!

I made these shirts a while ago back in April, but what with going on holiday and other bits and pieces I have been working on it has taken me a while to actually get these up for sale. I love the shape of these t-shirts, they have a very deep V neck and are rinsed in an acid wash which gives them a mottled and vintage look and feel. the hearts are printed in bubblegum pink, juicy grape, peach, pale grey and shimmering metallic gold with dark grey balloon strings...

This week I am working on the rest of the heart art designs which I'm really excited about! As well as the heart speaking birds of a couple of posts ago, there are cats and pegasus too, toot!

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