Sunday, 25 May 2008

Bank holiday birthday!

On Friday it was my 27th birthday!! It's pretty good when your birthday falls on the first day of a bank holiday weekend because it gets easy to stretch it out, yay! Friday was great as I spent the day with Mark, then had birthday cake and wine with my family and then went for dinner and drinks with some friends with a big fry up yesterday morning. Then last night we went for another birthday dinner with my family...(For some reason my birthdays always seem to revolve around food...!) pretty good going and still 2 more long weekend days to go.

I haven't posted much of late as I have been working away on my latest products which are little 'Heart Art' mini canvasses! They are hand screened tokens of love or friendship. I have one design ready which will be in the store very soon, with 2 more designs on the way...Heres a peek at the stack I made last week...

I have given little paintings of birds to friends as gifts before and I have been meaning to make some screen printed ones for AGES, finally I have gotten around to it. Hurrah! I will hopefully have them ready to go in the store next week...

There have been lots of bird related posts lately. Perhaps it is the time of year with all of the migrating birds coming home to nest that has made me more aware of them!


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Lily Grace said...

Hurah for bank holiday birthdays!
Happy belated birthday birthday twin:D!