Sunday, 23 January 2011

29 Project: Days 235 - 245

Here it is! The latest 29 project update! I hope everyone has been having a sooopa weekend.

Days 235 - 245...

Day 235: Thursday 13th January - Love Cards for Lovers. Gearing up for Valentines and printing lots of cards for you loverrrs...
Day 235 - Love cards for Lovers

Day 236: Friday 14th January - Prototyping. I found a moment or two to have a play this week and have been busy experimenting and making prototypes. I am very excited for things I have yet to make!
Day 236 - Prototyping

Day 237: Saturday 15th January - Vic and the Pig. This is baby pointer Vic, our friends new pup. He was pretty fascinated by this oinking, ear wagging piggy money box (a joke present for James, who would quite like a pig...)
Day 237 - Vic and the Pig

Day 238: Sunday 16th January - Drew a face. I've not drawn a face in a long time...Can you tell? Ha!
Day 238 - Drew a face

Day 239: Monday 17th January: Bleurgh, accounts. It's that time of year again. Tax time.
Day 239 - Bleurgh, Accounts.

Day 240: Tuesday 18th January - Experimenting. Playing with beads and stuff...
Day 240 - Experimenting

Day 241: Wednesday 19th January - Daffodils are sprouting. I've noticed little shoots this last week or so. I am looking forward to the yellow blooms very much!
Day 241 - Daffs are sprouting

Day 242: Thursday 20th January - Good lunch. Mark and I tend to eat pretty healthily, but I have been trying to eat more raw veg and greens lately and every other day pile up the tomatoes, celery, watercress, little leaves of rocket and spinach, and avocado with some cooked beets and a dribble of balsamic for lunch. It's so good! I also have a bit of a love of ham on oatcakes topped with a bit of Mrs Bridges Ploughmans Chutney or Onion Marmalade. L U S H.
Day 242 - Good Lunch

Day 243: Friday 21st January - Icy Icy. It's so much warmer now than it has been for most of the winter but still the ice hangs on in places...
Day 243 - Icy Icy

Day 244: Saturday 22nd January - Love in the country. Our wedding got featured as a 'real wedding' in Wed Magazine! Yay!
Day 244 - Love in the Country

Day 245: Sunday 23rd January - Taking the Ferry. We spent Saturday night with friends in Falmouth and took the King Harry Ferry home in the morning...beautiful day.
Day 245 - Taking the Ferry

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