Friday, 14 January 2011

29 Project: Days 226 - 234...

Here it is, another long overdue 29 project update! I have been a little caught up with painting this week, so it is a bit work in progress heavy. There is more than enough pictures of drinks too, though we were celebrating some pretty momentous occasions...

Anyway, on with the 29 project: Days 226 - 234...

Day 226: Tuesday 4th January - New coat! This is pretty special: My lovely friend Ash, through various reasons had landed himself with a huge wad of vouchers for a womens clothes shop in Truro and rather than let them go to waste, he took a gaggle of ladies (myself included) shopping to spend them. I snaffled myself this rather lovely coat and he wouldn't take anything in return....he really is one of the most generous people I have ever met. He's also a really rather good photographer too, have a peek at his website (there's lots of pics from our wedding up there, ha!) Thank you Ash!!
Day 226 - New Coat

Day 227: Wednesday 5th January - Loose Horse in progress. Look how he changed! This is the first version, with a different horse and a blue tree. My paintings often go through many changes before I am happy with them.
Day 227 - Loose Horse - First version

Day 228: Thursday 6th January - New Agates. Waiting to be photographed and sitting on a pretty Figgjo Flint Turi Design plate. I moved the chains so you can see the faces of the little peeps on there:
Day 228 - New Agates

Day 229: Friday 7th January - Celebratory Drinks! Not the best picture here I'm afraid, but quite significant from this week all the same. Mark and I are moving in February and I can't wait! We are only moving to the next village along, but we will be living in a beautiful cottage that is much bigger than our current abode. Where we live now is very lovely, with sea views and coastal walks, but our little home is getting a bit small for us and it is time to move on. So in four weeks time, we are!
Day 229 - Celebratory Drinks

Day 230: Saturday 8th January - Goodbye Chez Avondale. We aren't the only ones moving either. Our good friends Simon and Lucy are moving from Truro to Falmouth and this was the last evening we would spend there all together...
Day 230 - Goodbye Chez Avondale

Day 231: Sunday 9th January - Homemade Houmous. So after all that drinking I was feeling a bit bad for my body! I tried to redress the balance with some homemade houmous goodness and lots of raw vegetables...It was probably too little too late, but it tasted darn good.
Day 231 - Homemade Houmous

Day 232: Monday 10th January - New paintings. Amidst all of the house finding excitement I managed to finish two paintings, hurrah! You have seen them already in my last two posts, but here they are sat on the sofa waiting to be scanned...
Day 232 - New Paintings

Day 233: Tuesday 11th January - Pencil bird. As well as painting, I have been enjoying doing some pencil drawings is one of them perched on the wall...(not the best picture I'm afraid, but I will have a scan of him soon...)
Day 233 - Pencil Bird on the Wall

Day 234: Wednesday 12th January - Another finished painting. This little chap was finished this week too and again, I will post a better picture soon!
Day 234 - More new work

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Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

The pencil bird drawing is so cute. Love the simplicity of it.