Wednesday, 5 January 2011

29 Project: Days 219 - 225

I hope everyone had a great fun time at new years and saw in 2011 happily.

Did you notice that Bonbi Fruits had a little make over during the Christmas break? I added some big  buttons to my other places on the web on the right over there --> and some 'Like' and 'Tweet' buttons to each post. It was long over due really!

I also took part in a fun interview for the Great Dames blog last week. They have started 2011 interviewing one 'Great Dame' a day and I think it will be a lovely inspiring blog about ladies doing interesting things. Go take a look!

Tomorrow I have some new Agates going into the shop among other things so keep your eyes peeled for those...for now: On with the 29 project - Days 219 - 255...

Day 219: Tuesday 28th December - Reading. After catching up on a few little bits of work I spent the early evening hanging out on the sofa with one of my new books. This tome by Marion Bantjes needs a whole post to itself, so when I have finished poring over it's splendidly patterned pages you will be sure to see more of it here...
Day 219 - Reading

Day 220: Wednesday 29th December - Scribbling. The last few weeks in the run up to Christmas were such a blur of festive order packing and staying on top of all things Bonbi Forest, I hardly got a chance to sit down with my beloved pencils and paints, so I spent a couple of days getting re-acquainted with them and my ideas...Here is a close up of some pencil scribbles in my sketchbook...
Day 220 - Scribbling

Day 221: Thursday 30th December - Scribbling with paints....and here are some painterly scribbles!
Day 221 - Scribbling with Paint

Day 222: Friday 31st December - New Years Eve! After feasting on delicious things, my friends and I headed outside to wave sparklers about sing a very ropey version of Auld Lang Syne at the stroke of midnight. It was much fun indeed!
Day 222 - Stroke of Midnight

Day 223: Saturday 1st January 2011 - New Years Day. Every year Mark and I head down to the local to fend off our hangovers with a few shandys and catch up with family and whoever else happens to be around. It's always such a good atmosphere, I do love new years day a lot.
Day 223 - New Years Day

Day 224: Sunday 2nd January - Wii! My mama got bought a Wii for Christmas and on Sunday Mark and I headed over to my folks place to have an afternoon and evening being silly on the Wii with the lovely company of my family and Mark's mama and her partner. I am pretty average at most of the games, it has to be said...
Day 224 - Wii

Day 225: Monday 3rd January - Walks. A friend of ours got given a guide to walks in Cornwall for Christmas, so a bunch of us set off on what was meant to be a 3.6 mile 'moderate' jaunt along the cliffs near the village where Mark and I live. I don't know if it was the recent rain and floods washing away parts of the coast path and making them slippery, but there was a unanimous decision that this was more like a hard and perilous hike! It was fun though and the crisp winter breeze blew the last of the Christmas cobwebs away...
Day 225 - Walks

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