Monday, 1 September 2008

Design Fair and new tees and stuff!

Last weekend was the Hidden Art design fair at Godolphin House (previously posted about HERE) and was a chance for me to get my newest designs out and about for the very first time and also the chance for customers to nab some Bonbi bargains to boot. It was a really good show for Bonbi Forest, despite turning up for the set up and finding that I had booked a smaller stand than I initially thought. I always forget how much room the tees take up when they are on display!! With Mark's help and his excellent hammering, stapling, sticking and pinning skillz though it turned out to be a great success if a little crammed in, but then nothing I seem to make is ever minimalist anyway...!

So over the next week I will be adding all of the new designs that you can see in the stand pictures (click the pics to see them bigger if you like), including new shoppers, Bonbi headbands, new jewellery, cards, all of the new mens and womens tees and my first womens sweatshirt, more owl scarves (which were all sold out by midday on the second day!) and I will get the Love Cat Mini Canvas in store as well as previously promised on this very blog...! Phew!

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