Monday, 18 August 2008

Heart Art...

Well it's been a while coming but I finally have my Love Bird Heart Art Mini Canvasses available in store!!! Yay! I know I have put pictures of the canvasses online before but here's a couple more to remind ya:

They are ever so slightly different from the version I sent to Fred Flare for the Next Big Thing 2008 store as they have a super bright Fluorescent red heart now instead...(I don't know why but this really doesn't show up in the images, perhaps computers just can't cope with those kinds of colours?). They are all hand printed and stretched onto wooden frames by myself and are so sweet as gifts with a little space on the back for a personal message. You can get them HERE!!!

I have more heart art on the way over the next week too: Love Cats!! So stay tuned for them...

My lack of posts (again...) this past weekend is because we spent it in a little village near Basingstoke called Rotherwick, where Mark was on best man duty at his best friend Rich's wedding!! It was a beautiful (and by the end of the reception a rather raucous dancing) day with a sparkling and magical theme. My camera ran out of battery so I'm afraid I have no pictures of the gorgeous reception decorations (or the Swarovski sparkling beautiful lady Natalie bride) but imagine if you will an old red brick hall decked out with leafy and Gerbera flower arrangements, giant pink and turquoise butterflies, twinkling fairy lights, jars of sweets with neon polka dot lids, rose petals, paper lanterns lots of bubbly and delicious BBQ food and you can kind of get the magical picture...It was so much fun and congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Zabrocki!!!

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