Friday, 8 August 2008


Well the sun has finally come out (for the time being at least) just as I am going away! The beau and I and a couple of other Cornish lovelies are heading to the Big Smoke this weekend to go to Field Day Festival. We went last year and while the bar and loo arrangements were less than savory it hasn't put us off going again this time around for some fun with London friends, some good music and hopefully some time away from the Cornish fog and gloom (I hope, it will probably follow us there...).

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Then on Monday we are going to the wedding of my cousin Angeline! I'm quite excited as I haven't seen her in AGES and I'm really looking forward to getting properly dressed up as I have a new dress to wear, yay!

So I will be back on Wednesday and probably starting to panic about the following weekend's design fair...What with all these weddings and parties (damn fun and dancing, getting in the way, hehe!) I only have 5 more making days left, eek!

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