Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Hidden Art

I haven't been on the blog of late, time has seemingly run away with me...It has been good time though as I went away with the horses for a few days and since I have been back I have been making, drawing and printing in preparation for the Hidden Art Cornwall Design Fair which is in a couple of weeks time over the August Bank holiday: Saturday 23rd - Monday 25th. I took part last year and you can see last years stand HERE! As you can see from that, my blog posting regularity hasn't improved very much!

The fair is held at the now National Trust owned Godolphin House, a 15th century part of Cornish history and last year as it will this year, had the extra attraction of a Hidden Art Curated exhibition and a show of work from recent graduates of the Falmouth College of Art. If the goddamn awful weather ever improves (greyness and fog for DAYS...where are you August sun??), it should be as great a fair as it was previously with games, bands, bars and all sorts going on. If you are in Cornwall that weekend I fully recommend it and if you manage to come along please come and say hello to me!

So at the moment I am full steam ahead! In the meantime I also have 2 weddings to attend and I am heading to London to go to the Field Day Festival this weekend as well. Again, I hope the sun comes out for that and I also hope that the bar and lavatory arrangements are better than last year...!

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