Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Cheer up!

What a horrible gloomy grey rainy day. At least it has been in our little corner of the world, from what the weather man tells me it is pretty horrible elsewhere in the UK too...euch!

I may be a little late on this but I was introduced to it last week and thought it may well do for some cheer up entertainment. The video is the amazing inflatable street art of Joshua Allen Harris who creates weird and wonderful creatures from refuse bags that inflate as the air from subway trains rushes up through the grilles on the street...wonderful stuff. Watch:

While trying to find out more about the artist I got rather sidetracked by an amazing blog: www.woostercollective.com
It is a celebration of street art and has a brilliant and diverse selection of finds from around the world. These are a couple of my favorites from my first visit, I think it will be a place I frequent rather regularly seeing as there is so much to explore there!!

Wonderful play with shadows by a Lithuanian artist who goes by the name Morfai.
Brazilian street art from Level. You can see more HERE!!

And I love, love LOVE this so much it makes my head hurt: Doodles.


monda-loves said...

wow I love the inflatable street art - it's really amazing to see these creations coming to life. Thanks for sharing this.


GUGAW said...

wow that morfai piece looks great!