Thursday, 14 February 2008

A Valentines surprise!

Well my interview on the radio went ok and I actually quite enjoyed it, although I forgot to mention my 2 most important projects to date: Bat For Lashes and Urban Outfitters!! I had it written in front of me as well, what an idiot! Never mind, I talked about lots of handmade things and art and stuff so at least I didn't forget everything!!

I had a lovely Valentines surprise today which came sealed in a box along with a load of new Gallery A jewellery for the store. The lovely Ako of Gallery A had put together a little takeaway tub for me filled with sweetness delight!

I opened it up and there was a pretty dried rose and a bright bright pink saxophone whistle (I'll make a musician yet goddamit!!) and a parcel tied with string...

Inside the parcel was one of Ako's beautiful bracelets for me and I love it! It has some pretty flowers and a bright yellow button and some dainty glass sweet and such a lovely touch. Thank you Ako!! I shall be wearing it to dinner this evening with my beau...we are going for a Mexican feast YUM!

the new Gallery A jewellery will be on the site over this weekend along with new items from Eclectic Eccentricity and some original artwork from myself. It certainly is a busy time here and we have some very exciting new designers in the pipeline too!!

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