Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Bon Iver

I am currently swooning over the rather fabulous debut album of Bon Iver (Pronounced bohn eevair - French for 'Good winter' and a deliberate misspelling)...

It is called 'For Emma, Forever ago' and is a haunting and magical album. Bon Iver is justin Vernon, who during a time of loss and heartache holed himself up in his father's remote cabin deep in the woods of Northwestern wisconsin where he lived alone for 3 months and began writing the songs that were to become For Emma, Forever Ago.

The album is sung mostly in Vernon's beautiful, swirling falsetto, and mainly with just a guitar for accompaniment. He recorded most of the album on his own up in that log cabin, with only a few additions made to the initial sessions...The album came out as a self release last year, but has been re-released through JagJaguwar this week.

I highly recommend new favorite!!

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