Wednesday, 16 May 2007

I got a 9!!!

I'm having an ultra busy week this week as I've just discovered that Mark and I are off to the second weekend of All Tomorrows Parties as Bat For Lashes crew!! Yay! I LOVE ATP! We'll be selling the BFL tees on Sunday, so if you are going do come and say hello.

So with that happening this coming weekend it means that I've had to condense the weeks work into a few short days, eek! I've been preparing lots of lovely new jewellery for the shop, including some great brooches too...So look out for them over the next couple of weeks.

While I've been messing about with all the jewellery beads n bobs, I've been listening to the new Sea and Cake and Bjork albums. The Sea and Cake is great as always, and Bjork's took a few listens, but it has suddenly clicked like all her albums seem to do, and now I'm really enjoying it. Have you seen the Earth Intruders video yet? Strange stuff! I've also been lucky enough to get handed a promo of the new National album too, they are SO good. It's out next Monday and I highly recommend...

So, about the title of this post...I had a dressage competition on Sunday, and it was the worst weather! I was meant to do two classes but I scratched from one to concentrate on the Advanced 100 test.... BUT, amidst all the rain and a waterlogged arena, Lauder - my ever forgiving horse - swam around the test, and scored over 66% (which is a good score in dressage) to win, and for one of the movements we scored a 9!!!! (A little explanation - Dressage tests are divided into movements, and each movement is marked out of 10, and then it is all added and calculated so that your final score is a %. I usually consider good scores are about 63% and above and high scores as 67% and above, over 70% is very good going! and 9's and 10's are hard won...) It's my first ever 9 at affiliated dressage!!! YAY! I am dead chuffed, and very proud of Lauder!!

Ok, enough horse stuff...


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