Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Champion of Champions!

A while ago I designed a tee for Independent record label I Can Count, and the samples they promised me have arrived! The theme was numbers and I really wanted to make a design with rosettes on it, so I made a Crufts inspired Best In Show tee with little poochers all over...

In my imaginary dog show the Afghan Hound was the clear winner with her long silky dog coat, and the little bouncy Pug was a worthy reserve champion...The Labradoodle was last. Funnily enough, only a couple of weeks after making this design I saw a sign in the local agricultural store for some Labradoodle puppies..Too cute!

You can't buy these tee's at Bonbi Forest as they are exclusive to I Can Count, but you can buy them from their online store by clicking HERE!!

The Cornish Hands Made market that we did over the Bank Holiday weekend was great and I met some lovely people and ate lots of REALLY good homemade cake too, yay! to Hazel and Emily for the vegan ginger cake and lemon drizzle cake! I took some pictures of the stall on the first day just after we set up, the pictures aren't particularly good and I did tweak the stall a little after I took these because the signs looked all wrong but they give you the gist. Unfortunately my lights went out during the second day and no amount of waggling the wires would bring them back to life...Boo!

You can just about make out (if you squint and get very close to the screen!) the new Bonbi Forest Kilt Pin brooches in the second pic, they'll be in the Bonbi Forest shop very soon!


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