Thursday, 3 May 2007

Bat tees and birthday cards...

Maybe starting a blog on my busiest week of the year so far wasn't the best idea in the universe! I will definately be posting more often than this I promise....

It's been a mad printing week at Bonbi Forest this past week. I've just shipped a restock of Wings!, Mirror Deer, Eskimo Kiss and brand new Hometime tees to our great stateside stockist Cut + Paste, and a batch has also been sent to our brand new stockist Modishoppe, who are also over in the US. Jena who runs Modishoppe also has a great blog--> Modish, it's all about handmade and indie crafts. A very good read indeed.

I've also been beavering away making the newest batch of Bat For Lashes tees, which were shipped to the band this morning, phew! There are 2 great new limited colourways, I hope they go down as well as the last ones which totally sold out! See the sneak peek above... They'll be for sale in the Bonbi Forest shop by the end of this if you want one, keep your eyes on the Bonbi Updates!

All Tomorrows Parties was great fun and I gave out loads of Bonbi Forest Owl, Pony and House badges. I almost didn't get them though as the postman was late on Friday. He turned up just in time, as my travelling companions were getting itchy to leave, we were in the car and pulling out of the gateway and the Mr Postie came flying round the corner. Another phew!

It was my mums birthday yesterday and I used the same Owl image from the badges on her card. Check it out, it's really rather cute if I do say so myself! The owl is on an acetate window..aww!


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