Monday, 3 March 2008

It's Spring!

It's officially Spring and my favorite season of the year when everything comes into bloom and it starts to warm up. All the pretty Magnolia's and blossoms have started to come out down here in Cornwall and we have a golden carpet of Daffodils all pretty!

We have had an awful internet connection for the last 10 days and the BT man came this morning and discovered that the line had been damaged by lightning of all things...scary stuff! It's all mended now though and I have added a massive update of fresh spring wares to the store.

First up we welcome a new designer to the store--> Victrola Studio! We have 2 new tees for the ladies with pretty illustrated prints by the artist behind Victrola Studio, Victoria Corbett which feature blooms galore and cute kissing birds. Victoria is an illustrator who was born and brought up here in the UK but who now resides in the eclectic city of Austin, Texas in the USA.

The tees are going to be a sure fire hit for the summer with their sweet prints and candy bright colours!!

We also received a big parcel from the wonderful Circular Accessories last week and I was pleased to find in it a selection of their great dresses and tees for men printed with the Circular Accessories trademark big prints with imagery from science and nature. Woot!

AND! If that wasn't enough of an update I have made some Bonbi Forest stud earrings which are now available in the store--> Sweet vintage mottled glass florals and vintage Lucite sea blue swirls! I used to have some of the sea blue swirls in the old version of the Bonbi Forest store before it morphed into the Emporium of today. They were very popular and I am pleased to have got my hands on some more for the store!

Plus I received another big box of loveliness over the weekend and will be adding the items from this very exciting new designer over the next couple of days...Phew!! It's a lot of newness!!


jen said...

love the new items! those t shirt dresses are brilliant!!

EmmaP said...

LOVE that goldfish dress!