Friday, 14 March 2008

Hoot Hoot!!

It's a bit of an owl fest today!! I have been printing printing printing lots of tees to go out to stores next week and I have also been printing some loose fitting vests for the ladies with the same print that I have on my Bonbi Forest Owl scarves (I am printing more of them too). They will be great for spring, at least they will be once the weather warms up a bit anyway! I am also working on some new tee designs too as well as some new shoppers and jewellery... all pretty exciting!!

So as well as all that I have added yet more new items to the store today in the form of these amazing glass animal pin badges from Happy Owl Glass...

I just love the earthy colours and the sweet variety of animals. You could collect them all and build up a whole zoo of animals on your lapel, hehe!

See and shop all of the Happy Owl Glass badges right HERE!!

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Sez said...

I love that rabbit!