Thursday, 31 January 2008

I am in Love!!

Last week my beloved Mac Powerbook suffered an irrepairable catastrophe! While trying to close it's screen there was a strange crunching sound and the right hand hinge cracked and severed off...!!! I was initially distraught, we have come through a lot me and my Powerbook. Seven years of dissertations, design, photo editing, interneting, t-shirt preparing, music playing and business starting fun, and now with the screen broken off it seemed appropriate to call time on this era and prepare for the next....

And so I clicked through to the Apple store on my now wobbly and lopsided screen, and my disappointment turned to excitement when my eyes landed upon the beauty of Mac Book Pro. The new love of my life! (sorry mark...) Leopard! Wireless! Back lit keyboard for when it gets dark! Other exciting stuff I haven't had time to look at yet!

Yep I'm a geek. But it is rather lovely, and unlike my Powerbook it doesn't inflict tiny electric shocks (this should have been a warning...), and it's fast, and the battery lasts more that 5 seconds so it doesn't crash when the dodgy power cable finds it's loose connection...In time perhaps, but right now it's really shiny and works a treat.

So apologies for the not too exciting post, but it has been the turning of a new era here at Bonbi towers and I will hopefully now be more productive with my new super fast machine!! Yay and hurrah!!

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