Monday, 14 January 2008

The Bonbi HQ

I managed to remember to take some pictures of the studio, hurrah!

So this is The Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium HQ, where all the action happens! It's where I make all my tees, make all my jewellery, compute, draw and daydream. It looks quite organised in these images, but it can get quite chaotic at show time, or if I have lots of tees to make and pack and send to stores!
I have 2 whiteboard/cork boards on opposite sides of the studio...One has all kinds of paperwork/ plans/ business related stuff pinned to it (Boring, and not pictured!), and the other has lots of postcards, inspiring images, photos and colour, and names of inspiring artists, quotes etc.
The benches go right back into the lovely big widows, so there is lots of room to spread out and give my plants a share of the light! I love the leafy view too...Well, it is leafy for 1/2 the year anyway, there is just lots of wintertime trees blowing about out there right now!
I got the little birds from the flower market in Amsterdam. I used to have some similar from the pound shop in Brighton which came with crap party hats attached, and they looked stupid so I pulled them off, scalping the birds in the process! The amsterdam birds are much prettier anyway...
So there it is, an insight into Bonbi life for you! I am hoping to post more pics of work in process more often, so there will probably be glimpses of studio chaos along the way...

Oh yes, don't forget to watch the Brit nominations on ITV2 at 9pm tonight...Bat For Lashes are up for 2 awards!!!

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