Friday, 25 March 2011

29 Project: Days 294 - 305...

Here it is! The latest update...currently listening to Slow Dance by Matthew Dear. Love that track.

29 project: Days 294 - 305:

Day 294: Sunday 13th March - Sunset through a Donna Wilson cloud. I was kind of feeling like this cloud today. Mark was away for the weekend and I was missing him. Thankfully my mama and papa came over in the evening and made me a big roast lamb. That cheered me up a great deal!
Day 294 - Sunset through a Donna Wilson cloud

Day 295: Monday 14th March - My eye, Pia's eye. She's such a sweetie that horse. Honestly, she lets me take all manner of silly pictures of her!
Day 295 - My eye, Pia's eye

Day 296: Tuesday 15th March - Attack of the giant Clifford! Roar! I was out picking some daffodils and he came along for the fun of it...He's like a little dog rather than a cat!
Day 296 - Attack of the giant Clifford!

Day 297: Wednesday 16th March - I heart yellow blossoms. More of these I am afraid! I pass them on the way down to the stables...they'll be gone soon and then you shall see no more pictures of them, I promise! In the meantime I am making no guarantees...
Day 297 - I heart yellow blossoms

Day 298: Thursday 17th March - Beginning new things. I have been making new jewels (as you may have seen in my last post here), here are the beginning elements:
Day 298 - Beginning something new...

Day 299: Friday 18th March - The longest cat in the world. Another cat picture for you, because I am sure you haven't seen enough of those, right?
Day 299 - The longest cat in the world

Day 300: Saturday 19th March - A picture fit for a frame! I have been waiting since last summer for this picture to go in this magnificent frame, both of which are beloved wedding presents. Our wonderful friend Timbatron (not his real name of course, but this is his real website) who took it, brought it over and it was in the frame within the hour. Hurrah!
Day 300 - A picture fit for the frame...

Day 301: Sunday 20th March - Mess, glorious roast mess! I made a roast lunch for friends and made lots of mess. It was much fun...
Day 301 - Mess, glorious roast mess!

Day 302: Monday 21st March - A blue kind of day. Printed thunderclouds, attended a funeral and the car popped. Not the most fun day I ever had.
Day 302 - A Blue Kind of Day

Day 303: Tuesday 22nd March - Equus Printing. Aside from going shopping for a new car, I printed a batch of Equus scarves...The sun was good today, as it has been an awful lot lately. More please!
Day 303 - Equus printing

Day 304: Wednesday 23rd March - My first attempt at Satay, it was lush! It's from jamie's 30 minute meals. Of course it took me a hella lot longer than 30 minutes, and I didn't even consider attempting the desert part, but it tasted so gooood. I highly recommend it.
Day 304 - First ever Satay attempt (it was lush)

Day 305: Thursday 24th March - All that glitters. A fresh batch of Fly High birds arrived, and I set about making them into bracelets for you all...I do love Swarovski beads a lot.
Day 305 - All that glitters

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