Friday, 25 February 2011

29 Project: Days 265 - 275

This post marks the beginning of the countdown of the last 100 days of the 29 project (and of course my 20's). Yikes!

29 project: Days 265 - 275...

Day 265 (100 days to go!): Saturday 12th February - Pia Wins! This day was the day that Mark and I were actually meant to be moving all of our furniture to the new house...but I had entered a dressage show a while ago. So while Mark and our friends Simon and James lugged all the heavy furniture (thank you!), Pia and I went dancing and notched up two wins...huzzah! Good timing by me.
Day 265 - Pia wins!

Day 266: Sunday 13th February - Big Horn. We took a little stroll down through our new village and these guys were hanging out in a field next to the path. The babas were pretty sweet. The mamas looked pretty ferocious.
Day 266 - Big Horn

Day 267: Monday 14th February - Valentines Scallops. A treat for me and my beau. Yum, is all I can say to that...
Day 267 - Valentines Scallops

Day 268: Tuesday 15th February - Stormy Skies. You get to observe the elements at close quarters when you are hand grazing a horse in the middle of a field...
Day 268 - Stormy Skies

Day 269: Wednesday 16th February - The stoat and the Rabbit. Hand grazing Pia again I spied a little rabbit. I sidled closer and all of a sudden a stoat popped out of the hedge, I was so surprised but I managed to get this awful picture anyway and you can just about see it in the hedge there at the back. Horrified I though it was going to attack the rabbit right before my eyes (which they are known to do), but instead it rummaged around in the undergrowth and dragged an already deceased rabbit out into the open and then stuffed it back into another hole before scurrying away. Amazing nature scenes!
Day 269 - The Stoat and the Rabbit

Day 270: Thursday 17th February - So was bound to happen again sooner or later, but I didn't have my camera with me today and forgot to take a picture. Arg! Instead Here is a little sketch I made while playing with a fun online tool. It's great fun, have a go yourself HERE.
(I found this via the FABULOUS Gennine. If you haven't already, do check out her blog. It is really rather wonderful)
Day 270 - Sketchy

Day 271: Friday 18th February - Lorry Home. My mama and Pia and I headed off to Dorset where Pia and I were due to contest the regional dressage championships. We have a very cosy living in our horsebox and dined on a Chinese feast, Rosé and some lovely company.
Day 270 - Lorry Home

Day 272: Saturday 19th February - Posh Plait. Little Pia getting dolled up for her test. Our friend Verity was on hand to give her this pretty plait. Unfortunately our dressage tests weren't so pretty!!! I went wrong (duh!) and Pia was a bit too over excited and I a bit too nervous, which a good dressage test does not make...Sunday's test was pretty much a disaster too with Pia behaving like a cat on a hot tin roof. A big disappointment after the success of last weekend, but that's horses and sport for you. Thank goodness for encouraging friends and good advice in the aftermath!
Day 272 - Posh Plait

Day 273: Sunday 20th February - Broken Down. So after a weekend of dressage disaster we broke down on the way home. Ugh. Bodmin moor in the dark and the rain is not a friendly place, but the kindness of a passing friend in a horsebox meant we could get Pia home and cosy while the lorry was towed. What a fine way to top off our weekend of sporting disaster, eh?
Day 273 - Break Down

Day 274: Monday 21st February - Back to normality and I was cheered to see that the daffodils are starting to bloom all over.
Day 274 - Daffs are Out

Day 275: Tuesday 22nd February - Settling in. Our new house is starting to look a little more lived in now and we have music downstairs thanks to Mark and his musical tech knowledge. Hurrah!
Day 275 - Getting Settled

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Anonymous said...

I love this series. I love seeing why horses permeate your work. I especially love the portrait of day 273. And I love England even more and am determined to move their now.