Friday, 4 February 2011

29 Project: Days 246 - 256

The latest 29 project installment, things I have been doing and things that I have seen this last 10 days...

Days 246 - 256:

Day 246: Monday 24th January - Making me and You. I always like getting to the screen making part of the process when I am making new designs. It's the stage where the design stops being something on a computer screen and actually starts to come to life. Here are the negatives for the Me and You cards...
Day 246 - Making Me and You

Day 247: Tuesday 25th January - Printing scarves. I spent nearly all of the day on Tuesday printing things and stocking up a bit and turquoise scarves were on the hit list.
Day 247 - Scarf Printing

Day 248: Wednesday 26th January - Studio threads. When I am preparing the fabric for the scarves there is always quite a lot of frayed thread. Not all of it ends up where it is meant to be and I appear to have trailed this little lot of colours behind me when I left the studio the night before!
Day 248 - Studio Threads

Day 249: Thursday 27th January - Ideas. Most of my products start off as terrible little drawings such as these...I'm afraid my sketchbooks don't often have pages and pages of beautiful thought out sketches! I often have lots of ideas all at the same time and have the get them down quickly with scrappy handwriting and Biro scratches like this:
Day 249 - Ideas

Day 250: Friday 28th January - New woods to paint on - They need a clean up and the old furniture information removing but these will be the bases for some larger paintings I want to make...I can't wait to make a start, but must sand and prepare them properly first (and get some other pressing things out of the way too...), soon though, soon!
Day 250 - New Woods to Paint on

Day 251: Saturday 29th January - Birds and glass. I briefly mentioned it a post or so ago, but Mark and I are moving next weekend. Not far, just to the next village, but packing has started in earnest!
Day 251 - Glass and Birds

Day 252: Sunday 30th January - Packed Horse - More packing I'm afraid...We did take a break from it on Saturday afternoon and night. The weekend wasn't all constant boxes and finding of things we had forgotten about, that's for sure. There was also some spa time with the ladies and a big chicken fajita dinner too...
Day 252 - Packed Horse

Day 253: Monday 31st January - Little curled up cat. No sooner had I sat down, turned my computer on, little Lou Lou came over and curled up on my lap. I hadn't even taken my coat off! Hello Monday...
Day 253 - Little Curled Up Cat

Day 254: Tuesday 1st February - Light on a leaf. The light was pretty spectacular this evening. Lots of pink and orange...
Day 254 - Light on a Leaf

Day 255: Wednesday 2nd February - Me and You printing. They sold out! So I had lots more to print...Get yours HERE!
Day 255 - Me and You Printing

Day 256: Thursday 3rd February - Horse Lady. Here I am ready to go horsin' around for the afternoon. Pia and I will be contesting the regional dressage championships in two weeks time so we went off for a lesson. (I don't normally wear antlers when I go riding by the way...just so you know.)
Day 256 - Horse Lady

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