Tuesday, 22 February 2011

29 Project: Days 257 - 264

Here it is! The first part of a BIG and long long LONG overdue 29 project update from the last couple of weeks.

My absence from posting will become evident soon enough...it involves horsin' around (lots of it) and moving house.

29 project: Days 257 - 264...

Day 257: Friday 4th February - Pot plants awaiting the move. I had another dressage lesson on this day and didn't get much time for more packing. So with only a week to go until the big move I decided to keep up a little bit of the packing momentum by moving all the plants into one place. Productive yeah?
Day 257 - Pot plants awaiting the move

Day 258: Saturday 5th February - KARE(A)OKE. We went out in Falmouth to celebrate our friend Tim's big 3 0 birthday and this sign made me laugh. Needless to say, this wasn't one of the establishments we chose to spend our evening in...
Day 258 - KARE(A)OKE

Day 259: Sunday 6th February - Packing chaos. ARG! Need I say more?
Day 259 - Packing Chaos

Day 260: Monday 7th February - Necklaces! Lots of 'em! Trying to figure out how to transport them without tangle mess and breakage.
Day 260 - Necklaces

Day 261: Tuesday 8th February - New Telephone. I treated Mark and I to a house warming gift for the new house. A pretty and bright red trim phone. Small things can make me happy.
Day 261 - New Phone!

Day 262: Wednesday 9th February - What's she seen?! My mama and I took Miss Pia down west for a dressage test riding and advice session with a dressage judge. She was quite excited about things going on outside the lorry...
Day 262 - What's she seen?

Day 263: Thursday 10th February - Pia Grazing. Munch munch munch. She doesn't stop!
Day 263 - Pia Grazing

Day 264: Friday 11th February - MOVING IN!! Finally, the first day of the move came and Mark and I took all the little boxes (that I could lift) over to the new house. We sat on sofa cushions and ate fish n chips and drank beer. The furniture went in the following day...
Day 264 - Moving In!

I don't really want to end on a sad note but Friday the 11th was a day of mixed emotions. We also had to say goodbye to a very dear pony treasure indeed. After 20 years at our stables, little Carrianne had reached the ripe old age of 30 and ill health forced some sad decisions. She was a cheeky and naughty as she was cute and lovable and we all miss her dearly.

Goodbye Carrie Kins.
Day 73 - Carrianne

More tomorrow peeps...

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Claire - Miso Funky said...

What a cutie - how sad :(