Sunday, 5 December 2010

29 Project: Days 181 - 187

At last! The first part of a VERY long 29 project update for you...I think this must be the longest it has been for me not to have updated, but you guys have been keeping me very busy with Christmas orders (thank you!!!) and the like, and before I realised a very long time had passed.

So here we go part one now and part two in a day or so: 29 project: Days 181 - 187...

Day 181: Friday 19th November - Drawing with pencils again! I haven't drawn with just pencils for a long time and had a really strong urge to do just that and so a couple of pencil drawings I made. I kind of like them but need to do more refining before I let them loose on here...
Day 181 - Drawing with Pencils again

Day 182: Saturday 20th November - Flood damage in Portloe. Our little village was quite hard hit by the storms this week and the harbour suffered a lot. Water came rushing down the hills on either side, tearing up the road, washing a car into the sea, leaving a fishing boat wrecked and filling the hotel with 3 feet of muddy water...Luckily no one was hurt but homes were ruined and possessions lost. Weather is a powerful beast sometimes!
Day 182 - Flood Damage in Portloe
^ This is also the halfway point of the 29 project...Goodness, that means I have only 6 months until I embark on a new decade. I'm not sure if I'm very happy about that at all. Eeek!

Day 183: Sunday 21st November - Bonfire! I liked the smoke amongst the winter trees...
Day 183 - Bonfire

Day 184: Monday 22nd November - Charlotte's Tea House. My friend Helen was visiting from London and I dragged her around town to go fabric shopping. We stopped off for a bite to eat at Charlotte's Tea House in Truro which is always a delight.
Day 183 - Tea House

Day 185: Tuesday 23rd November - Pretty light. The combination of leaves and low light at this slightly grubby window where I wash my screens and squeegees is always a pleasing view and this evening was no exception!
Day 184 - Pretty Light

Day 186: Wednesday 24th November - Making screens for the scarves which I showed you a peek at here. I hope to have time to get them in the shop this week in time for Christmas gift giving.
Day 185 - Making Screens

Day 187: Thursday 25th November - Hard ice. First came floods and then came the ice. Brrr!
Day 186 - Hard Ice

Day 188: Friday 26th November - Sewing and hemming and getting the scarves ready for the BUST Craftacular...
Day 187 - Sewing and Hemming

Well that is it for now...I will post this week just gone in a couple of days!

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