Tuesday, 13 July 2010

29 Project: Days 46 - 51...

Well, on a lighter note to my previous post of the day here is the 29 project up to yesterday!

Days 46 - 51:

Day 46: Wednesday 7th July - Printing more business cards. I'm quite enjoying how the test prints are layering up...Day 47: Thursday 8th July - Amongst other London preparations I was cutting the business cards printed yesterday...Chop, chop, slice.
Day 48: Friday 9th July - In London we stayed with our friends Jon and Sam. Here is Sam's pin wheel 'flower' display. Love it.Day 49: Saturday 10th July - The Bust Craftacular! I forgot my camera and this is the only picture I took on my not very good phone. It was a great day despite sweltering in a very hot and humid London and I got to meet loads of people whose work I have liked for a while. Good times!Day 50: Sunday 11th July - Crossing the border (again!) I always like looking at the little boats on the Tamar as we go over on the train on the way home from the big smoke...Day 51: Monday 12th July - Cooking up some Ratatouille and being watched over by the beady eyes of some kitchen characters. Yum, yum.I will try and stay a little more on top of this project now I don't have so many animals to look after and a trip away to plan...I also will be putting new things in the shop tomorrow: Bags, jumpers and jewels!

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Marthaamay O_o said...

I love the cards!! And the design I chose at the fair!
I took a picture so I would have it forever! :)