Monday, 16 November 2009

Dartmoor and new things

Wasn't the weather wild at the weekend? Pretty crazy and stormy. Mark and I were in Devon to see some family and took a walk up on Dartmoor...The wind was so strong and the clouds were flying by so fast in the sky the atmosphere changed by the minute. One minute dark and threatening the next sunny and clear.

So this is just a quick post to highlight a couple of new things really. The first being a fresh new batch of hand printed business cards. The first ones went down so well I printed loads of new colours, and love this pic of them all together all rainbow-like...there are more pics over at my Flickr stream HERE.

The other is a new necklace I have in the shop: Come Fly. It has a swooping bird with a couple of very pretty Czech glass beads and is very pretty indeed. I hope you like it :)

See and shop Come Fly HERE!

I will have the new berry coloured Owl pattern scarf in the shop soon too! I haven't yet got used to the darkening evenings and the limited time for taking photographs. I shall keep you posted...

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