Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bright Star

Last night Mark and I took a trip to town to go to the cinema. I love going to the cinema, of course for the film but also for a fix of sweet popcorn, a favorite treat! I'm so greedy I'll eat an entire large bucket to myself, ha ha!

Anyways, the film we went to see was Jane Campions newest, 'Bright Star'. It is the story of the relationship between Fanny Brawne and poet John Keats which tragically ended with Keats' death at the age of 25.

It is a lovely film with beautiful cinematography and soundtrack and superb attention to detail. When Mark first suggested we go to see it I asked him if he was sure, since it appeared to be a period drama which he isn't a big fan of. But actually it is a story of love that just happens to have happened nearly 200 years ago. The sets aren't over blown and it is filmed as if it is the present day, making it seem more real.

Fanny isn't the most likeable character to start with, a little abrupt, but she softens as the love between her and Keats grows and by the end you really feel her sadness the difficult sorrow she went through. It is very sad.

There is a production 'scrapbook' website of the process of making the film which can be seen HERE! It has some of the wonderful props on it such as this 1800's Valentines below, just gorgeous:

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MrRed2020 said...

Bright Star is one of the best dramas I've seen all year! The cast was amazing, and the music haunting. Here's a great interview I found with Abbie Cornish talking about her character in the film, and how she turned to Keats' original poetry to answer questions during filming. You can find it here:
Jane Campion is truly one of the most influential female voices in film today, and I don't think anyone else could have captured the essence of Keats' story like her!