Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Lauren Nassef - Illustrator

Today I came across the wonderful work of illustrator Lauren Nassef who is an illustrator from Chicago. I just love her line and the delicacy of her drawings, so beautiful.

Unfortunately the reason I came across her work because of something far less beautiful. A recent graduate from Falmouth College of Art plagiarized her work in a shocking way, and received lots of praise and even an award for work that blatantly isn't her own. I won't go any further into this but here is a good blog post over at the blog Book by it's Cover (another good find from this sad story!) if you want to read more about this follow this link: http://bit.ly/jgdKC
Plagiarism really is TOTALLY unacceptable.

In the meantime enjoy some of Lauren's lovely work right here!


the art cupboard said...

these are wonderful i love them :)
the subjects could look so bland yet even with the lack color and large amounts of open space they don't
so genius

Lee May Foster said...

It's all in the composition and her delicate way of drawing isn't it? So great!