Monday, 31 August 2009

The Garden of Eden...

This past weekend Mark and I have had some old friends from our days in Brighton down to stay with us and I have been playing at being a tourist in the place I live. Dining out and eating local home made cake, proper Cornish ice cream and proper Cornish pasties, paddling in the sea and peering into rock pools, lazing in the sunshine and then visiting the Eden Project again...It was good to have some time out after the manicness that has been the last few weeks for sure.

I loved these greens and greys and yellows on the beach...tiny sea landscapes!

And I loved all of the bright colours at the Eden Project too...I know I have blogged about it before but it never fails to entertain and amaze me with it's diversity. It was such a good day out again and a feast for the eyes (hence the rather large amount of images!):

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Lindsay Laliberte said...

Those are lovely photos. It looks like a wonderland.