Thursday, 11 June 2009

New things...

Since I have been consistently lame on blogging lately I have been neglecting to mention all of the lovely new things that have been going into the store over the last week or so...there are lots of new jewels and accessories from our lovely consigners, so here's a l'il round up for ya-->

Beautiful, beautiful delicate jewellery from Ebony and Ivory made from vintage charms featuring little fruits, dice, animals and lots of blooms in gorgeous colours:
Ebony and Ivory Flower and Vintage White Butterfly Earrings: £20
Ebony and Ivory Cat and Yarn Bracelet: £30
Super stitched awesomeness from Custom Made, including a cute tweet brooches, scary Yeti, and little doll faces. Plus the Black Russian Doll necklace has been re-stocked too:
Custom Made Tweet Brooch: £7.50
Custom Made Russian Doll Necklace: £18.50More of the popular I Heart Tea necklaces from Emma Ferguson along with more embroidered loveliness...little dogs and anchors:
Emma Ferguson Little Brown Dog Necklace £16.50
Emma Ferguson Blue Anchor Necklace: £16.50Gorgeous anti-landfill jewellery from Kirsty Kirkpatrick. Beautiful pieces made from broken jewellery and recycled components...if you want something truely unique and eco friendly then these are the jewels and accessories for you :)
Kirsty Kirkpatrick Turquoise Lucite Pin Brooch: £13
Kirsty Kirkpatrick Dark Amber Bead Bracelet: £16Plus even more lovely beaded and charm jewellery from Alice Taylor, Snappy Sausage and Cat and Bang too!!
Alice Taylor Charming Necklace: £24
Alice Taylor Swarovski Heart Crystal Earrings: £9.50
Snappy Sausage Chunky Heart Locket Bracelet: £17
Snappy Sausage Fly Away Home Necklace: £16Cat and Bang Good Luck Charm Bracelet: £23
Cat and Bang Yellow Flower Stud Earrings: £6
Plus there is lots more from each of these artist in the store too!!

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