Thursday, 25 June 2009

Kanena and excitement!!

If you are after an earthy, boho, surfer girl vibe this summer then head on over to the Emporium to check out all of the gorgeous new jewellery I have added to the store from Kanena!!

These beautiful jewels are all hand crafted using natural pearls and gemstones and combining them with glass and wood...just so lovely, you can almost smell those balmy beach summer evenings just looking at them!

See and shop all of these and more HERE!

Oh yeah, and my exciting news that I was (not so) discreetly blabbering on about yesterday? My beau Mark and I are getting married next year!!! there was no bended knee or anything, just some awesome decision making by the pair of us...we have been together for nearly 11 years (proper teen sweethearts we were) so it's really about blinkin' time! Yay!

(See? I said it was exciting for me and probably not so for you but I have been struggling to keep it quiet until I had told everyone I hold dear - at least I think I have told everyone!!). I promise not to become a wedding bore in the meantime but I may show you pretty stationary and flowers and stuff occasionally in the run up...Just let me know if I go OTT! :)

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edwina.simone said...

congratulations!!! i think thats right exciting!!!

Abbi x