Thursday, 7 June 2012

Day in the Life: Saturday 2nd June...

It's time I showed you my latest Day in the Life day as I am a little over due...This time around the date in question was chosen by Nikki McWilliams (she who makes amazing biscuit cushions, check them out!) and was Saturday 2nd of June...It's not as detailed as my usual day in the Life days because to be frank, I had a bit of a lazy day! But anyway, here's what I got up to:

Well, it's not every day you wake up in a four star hotel, but on this morning I did! Mark and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary last week and as we have decided is to become tradition, we treated ourselves to a night at one of Cornwall's spa hotels. On the Friday we splashed around in the swimming pool, had lovely massages and a very tasty dinner. The breakfast was no less delicious, my glazed banana granola was an amazing culinary start to the day...

Day in the life: St Moritz Day in the Life: San Moritz Breakfast Day in the life: Butterfly

After checking out at 11 which is very civilised I thought, I hate it when hotels chuck you out too early, we set off back to our neck of the woods. On the way we stopped off at my folks place where I helped to rescue a butterfly, as you do, before heading home. Mark's new and very 'grandad' slippers had arrived (Hurrah! The old Campers have had it and are a health hazard at best...) and the afternoon was spent with good intentions of working in mind but in reality it was spent wishing it wasn't raining and watching the racing on the TV. I never do that, but I became engrossed!

Day in the life: Mark's New Grandad Slippers Day in the life: Racing Day in the life: Grey Grey Grey

In the evening we were due to be out at dinner with friends in Falmouth, so I spent a little time choosing what to wear (again, something I hardly ever do, I usually just grab what is clean and goes together in the 10 minutes before I leave the house...) In the end I went for the American Apparel dress at the front with a blouse that isn't pictured here over the top. A tried and trusted ensemble.

Day in the life: What to Wear?

We stopped at our friend's house on the way out where I noted that their very sweet daughter, Charlotte, had made an Olympic Torch. The evening out was lovely, we went to Dolly's tapas restaurant in the centre of Falmouth which I recommend should you ever find yourself in need of eats in the town. It has lovely decor, all vintage bits and pieces, including this fire guard with what appears to be a carpeted dog sandwiched behind glass on the front. Amazing.

Day in the life: Olympic Torch & Carpet Woofer Day in the life: Dolly's Ceiling

So after dinner, we all headed over to another Falmouth favorite, The Hand Bar, where we had a few beverages, cooed at the little dog that hangs out there (who I am told is called Foxy, she does actually look like a lil fox!!) and chatted silly things at each other before heading home in the early hours...

Day in the life: Foxy

A very relaxing and lovely day indeed!

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