Friday, 17 June 2011

Pictures of a week (or so...)

Here are some pictures from the last week and a half or so. Pia and I went to a competition where we had a win and a second (super pony!) and as well as making new things for the shop (more on that soon!) I have been getting back into my painting. I go for long stretches where I don't paint much and concentrate on other things and then all of a sudden I just have to do something! What is coming out now is a little darker than previous work and there is a little peek below...

I hope everyone has had a good week...don't forget that the mid season sale is running in the shop until the end of June. I have added some new items to it since it started, some discontinued and sample tees and some more of the gorgeous Agate Pendants, of which there is only two left! See and shop HERE.

(Also, apologies if you have been in the shop lately and things have periodically been a bit beauteous beau of a web guy, Mark, is onto the server people for me and will hopefully have it fixed soon.)

Heart Petal:
Heart Petal
Me sat on Miss Pia...
Me sat on Miss Pia
Panoramic Pia
Panaoramic Pia
Summer Sunset
Summer Sunset
Bright Pink!
Bright Pink!
Swans and their Cygnets
Swans and their cygnets
Floral sketching..
Floral Sketching

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