Thursday, 18 November 2010

New jewels...

There are new jewels in the shop, fanfare!

The first is a pretty pendant necklace based on the very popular Agate Necklaces which have all sold out. (I am trying to source some more Agates before Christmas - Stay tuned!). I found these fabulous Ametrine rough faceted slabs which are really so pretty and gave them the same vintage brass square treatment as the Agates. Nice and simple. You can see and shop these HERE.
Ametrine Pendant

My Fly High Bracelets also now come in two more colours: Blue Opal and Jet. I hope you like them...see them in the Jewels section of the shop...
Fly High - Blue Opal
Fly High - Jet

In other news, you will be able to listen to me waffle on about how I started Bonbi Forest and other things in a radio interview soon...I shall let you know when and where, when I know.

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