Friday, 5 November 2010

29 Project: Days 160 - 166

These latest 29 project pics were meant to get to you in two separate posts, but alas time ran away with me and so now you have them all in one go. Lucky you!

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29 project: Days 160 - 166...

Day 160: Friday 29th October - Friday night silliness. My cousin Chloe and her boy Justin made dinner for Mark and I, my brother, his lady and our friend Stan, and whilst out shopping for it decided she would quite like some Neopolitan ice cream for afters. Unable to find any she bought us these wafers with a Neopolitan filling. The wafers were horribly soft, the ice cream was tasty and of course we built a tower from them. It wasn't meant to look quite so, it does...
Day 160 - Wafer tower

Day 161: Saturday 30th October - New ride! After our little smash the other week mark and I were very generously given a car by a friend of his mum' nice and amazing is that?! Mark went to pick it up and now we are back to zooming about at our own whim and fancy and not having to borrow cars or beg for lifts.
Day 161 - New Ride

Day 162: Sunday 31st October - Halloween! We didn't have a pumpkin this year but went around to our friends house (whose little girl's 2nd birthday it was) and encountered this scary looking creation instead...The little birthday girl looked at it and said 'Happy birthd...?' rather more unsure than pleased with it's arrival in her kitchen!
Day 162 - Halloween

Day 163: Monday 1st November - A peek at new work. I didn't take a photograph today! I forgot!! But instead I have a screen shot of a new design I have been working on. More horses and equine friends. All shall be revealed soon.
Day 163 - Equus Peek

Day 164: Tuesday 2nd November - Hiders all wrapped. I have mentioned it before but when I sell an original piece of work, I like to send them off all wrapped in some protective hand printed fabric and wrapped up like a treat. I printed up this piece in navy and white and my Hiders drawing was sent off to it's new home looking like this:
Day 164 - Wrapped Hiders

Day 165: Wednesday 3rd November - New stones! The pretty agate necklaces I added to the shop last week sold out in a flash! The good news is that if you missed out last time I received a delivery of new beauties and will have them in the shop next week, hurrah! Look at the other gorgeousness too, I have plans afoot for those guys...
Day 165 - New Agates Have Arrived!

Day 166: Thursday 4th November - Fresh business cards and a very lovely garden sunset. I have two pictures of today because I just couldn't pick! I hand printed a fresh batch of business cards. I love all their colours when they are together...and the second picture was taken while I was prowling around the garden in the last of the sunlight taking pictures for new work. So pretty.
Day 166 - Brand New Business Cards
Day 166 - Sunset Garden

I hope everyone has a good weekend and enjoy the fireworks tonight!

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Pui-Man said...

I love the last photo. It's beautiful! Can't wait to see your newest creations soon!