Monday, 22 March 2010

Print marathon

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been slow on the blog the last couple of weeks because of super hectic busy times recently, and also because of that I have some new things to show and tell...hurrah!

One of the projects I have been working on is an exclusive tour tee for Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip as well as the two exclusive online designs I made for them. Their album is called 'The Logic of Chance' which is the title of a book written by John Venn, he of The Venn Diagram fame - the idea being that Dan's music and Pip's words are both sides of a Venn Diagram coming together in the middle as Le Sac vs Pip - and they asked me to create a tee design featuring one of these diagrams somewhere...
I came up with the sweet idea of opposing bears speaking to one another with their speech of music and alphabet over lapping with the band's name in the middle as the Venn Diagram...and of course they also have some twinkling magic between them.

So, the tees were ordered and (bar a few hiccups with delivery timing which was a lot later than expected) 400 were printed to go on tour! (That's 800 bears, eee!) Orchid for the ladies, above, and brown for the guys, below...
I tried to document the printing marathon that ensued:

The boxes arrived. I expected a few but not 5 super heavy ones stuffed to the brim!The tees piled up...a mountain:
Practice print...I do these on old tees and they can get quite busy with other practice prints...the little patterns and the date in the background here are one of the practice prints for our wedding invites (more on them soooon)
...and then I got printing! As I am printing the first colour, I lay all the tees out, they don't take long to air dry but I print much faster than they dry and while they are still wet they can't be laid on top of each other. When the second colour goes down they can go under the flash dryer which heat sets the ink into the fabric so they can be machine washed...
Here they are with the second colour down:
I like how they look all laid out next to each other all pattern-like:
I send them out all rolled in a Bonbi wrap with the shirt size on the outside. Nice and easy for the band's merch peeps to find and give out to their customers at the shows...Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the big boxes all stuffed with tees and ready for the off, but here are a few on the go:
So there you go...a tee printing marathon. These tees are only available at the Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip shows on their current tours of the UK, Ireland and Europe...very limited edition indeed!


MegPS said...

Looks fantastic! Well done.
Hurrah for printing marathons (no pain, no gain and all that he heh)

K√ľnstlicher said...

They look ace Lee, nice work! Printing looks like a hefty task, no wonder you were knackered :)

Richard said...

Well Done,
They are both beautiful and stylish!
A great fusion of an eclectic music sound and a 'natural' art concept.

Are you selling the prints too?

I'd be interested in a signed one if so!!

Zosienka said...

i super LOVE these. Well done Lee May!

emily said...

I fell in love with this print you posted it, picked my shirt up last night at the Bristol gig and it is now my absolute favourite shirt (until I get the "Pip/Dan is not a.." ones from your store>_>) thank you!

Lee May Foster said...

Thanks everyone! I have another batch to make this week...I'll be swimming in a sea of bear tees again!