Friday, 11 September 2009

It's up!

Hurrah and bring out the fanfare for the new Bonbi Forest website is up and running!!!

As you will see there is still lots to be added and we are still tweaking a few pages, but there are lots of new goodies for you to feast your eyes on including a selection of my latest tees, some new art prints and those limited edition lockets I was talking about the other day...I am very pleased with how it is all looking :)

I will be adding more over the coming week, but for now Mark and I are off to celebrate the launch with a weekend away at The End of the Road festival. It's been a hard workin' week with little sleep and I am REALLY looking forward to it! We will be back on Monday so if you have any questions about the new site and products I will respond then. Orders will ship on Tuesday...

Have a good weekend peeps, I hope you like the site!!

1 comment:

Handmade Highway said...

your new site is gorgeous! you should be proud!