Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Butterfly Catchers (again!)

Hey all, I know I have posted briefly about my butterfly catcher drawings when I first made them but there is now three of them and they are available as prints in the store. They are printed with archival inks onto a matte archival paper (fade resistant for 82+ years) with a small white border for framing and look sweet on their own or they can be put together in a triptych.

One thing I love doing when I draw is creating little narratives, not in a comic book stylee, but working along a theme that hints at a story, this one being the little tale of a pair of ladies going for a day out on a nature trail and loving the prettiness so much, they wanted it for keeps instead of leaving it where it belongs...

There is also the Butterfly catcher tee too depicting Part One...Available for men and women:

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