Saturday, 5 July 2008

Where on earth is summer?!

Ugh! The weather is still absolutely AWFUL down here in Cornwall. Really windy and wet with such dense clouds it feels like winter...I WANT SOME PROPER JULY SUNSHINE!!!

Yesterday while walking rather soggily back from making the horses nice n cosy for the evening I spotted the biggest moths I had ever seen in my whole entire life! I think they were having quite a nice time in the rain because they were having a little alfresco mating session right in the middle of the path. I couldn't leave them there to be stepped on so scooped them onto an envelope (still mating) I had with me and put them under the rhubarb plants...

You can see how large they are alongside the post office stamp on the envelope. A little bit of research found out that they are Privet Hawk Moths, the largest breed of moth in the UK with a wing span of 12cm!! We get some pretty ugly and hairy looking moths bashing at our bathroom window when the light is on at night time but I've never seen one of these. If it flew at the window it would probably crack it!

As it has been so windy there are lots of leaves and petals all blown about and in the rain the colours are really saturated. I noticed these pink petals with the eucalyptus leaves on the ground yesterday too and although they look a darn sight prettier on the flower the colours on the dark tarmac were really striking...

It is my brother's birthday today too...Happy birthday Joey!!

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gemma correll said...

ugh, i know how you feel. the weather is terrible here!