Thursday, 17 October 2013


Goodness me...long time and no squeak. What a serious case of blog neglect poor old Bonbi Fruits has been experiencing!

It has been a summer of busy madness, lots of good things going on personally (camping, holiday - Kefalonia! Festival fun, friends coming down for some Cornwall good times, fitting in the odd ride on Miss Pia, watching Ruby become more beautiful and mobile by the know the kind of thing) as well as business related happenings. The annual Cornwall design Fair in the summer was a success as always and since the end of August Christmas has been high on my mind and my hands have been working hard making lots and lots.

I have also been making pieces for the latest Girls Who Draw postcard book which you may have seen landed in the Bonbi Forest shop a few weeks ago!

Masquerade Postcard Book Masquerade Postcard Book Masquerade Postcard Book

The theme is Masquerade and the book is lovely. As always it features 24 postcards by 12 female illustrators and artists working in a broad range of styles. I love all the different takes on masquerade, from animals wearing masks, folkloric characters, creatures parading as something they are not, wrestling masks and my own take on the theme...

Forest Floor
Forest Floor

Under Sea
Under Sea

The book can be seen here! and if you are in Leeds any time soon we have an exhibition on at The Bowery Arts Centre until the 14th November. More information can be found here!

In other Girls Who Draw news we are revisiting last years Mythical Creatures theme and have an exhibition coming up in Birmingham soon too. I am making new work for that which I will be sure to post here too...I have other things to show here as well. More soon, Bonbi Fruits shall never be so neglected again!

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