Monday, 29 October 2012

All the birds...

Hasn't it got cold all of a sudden? On Saturday when I drove up to the stables to see Miss Pia and Little B the car thermometer read 2˚'s a little too early in the year for it to be that chilly, blue hands and cooold ears were not what I expected on Saturday morning!

With the chills of winter fast approaching it seemed as good a time as any to add the new Bird Scarf to the shop's the same print as the Cream Birds Scarf that launched in the shop a month ago (which I neglected to mention here...) but in more Autumnal hues of violet, pretty mauve and snowy white. These scarves are so lovely and big, great for wrapping around and around and keeping warm!

Violet Bird Scarf, available HERE!

Violet Bird Scarf

This is the cream version, available HERE!

Cream Bird Scarf

Don't forget to check out the rest of the scarves too, they are all in stock now for the winter time and Christmas gift giving --> HERE!

Bonbi Forest Scarves!

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